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Support MyBridge Radio

My Bridge Radio is a state-wide radio network that exists to help listeners connect to God, to each other, and to the work of God in their communities and across the state.

In order to focus on advancing God’s Kingdom purposes in each moment of broadcasting, My Bridge Radio is a non-commercial station. This is only possible through individuals partnering with us and financially investing in the work God is doing through My Bridge Radio.

Those who invest financially are a very real part of the impact that happens each day - an impact that extends into eternity.

We hear daily from listeners who are being impacted through the music and interviews, stories of life change and the annual spiritual focus. You can gain a glimpse of the impact at the Impact section of our website.

Please visit the Giving Options to learn more about how you can invest in My Bridge Radio. 


"Why support My Bridge?"...First, the music, of course. That's why our radios are on every single day to My Bridge, but it is more than just music...

My Bridge is a ministry, actively representing Jesus Christ. When you support My Bridge Radio you are making a difference in Jesus name, reaching across the state, the country and even the world. We are to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

When you support My Bridge your reach increases, touching more lives, literally changing the world in His name. The foster care system is just one example....The back pack for children in India, another. At Christmas time, there is help for families.

The list is endless because each month My Bridge will fight another battle in Jesus name. When we support My Bridge we give them strength to make changes in this world and they give us strength!

It is not just about beautiful music, which is reason enough to me, it is joining hands and becoming a Christian force that makes a statement of who Jesus Christ is and serves Him in the world. – Jeanie, North Platte


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Phil in North Platte

I really enjoy listening to My Bridge Radio...moving, uplifting, and inspirational.

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