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6 Tips

6 Tips for getting the most out of your time in God's Word

1. Read it over!
Paying attention to what gets your attention.
Go back and re-read that verse(s) multiple times, at times using different translations.

2. Think it through!
Grappling with why it got your attention. Being curious...asking questions...brainstorming thoughts...ideas...potential directions to go with it.
Don't spend lots of time here, just long enough to give you a place to start writing from.

3. Write it down!
I love the saying, "Thoughts tend to disentangle themselves when they pass through the lips and through the fingertips." This is the fingertips. Number five is the lips. HERE is the actual journaling piece. I am NOT trying to be a great literary! I am processing WHILE I am writing! Typically the first sentences and even paragraphs are ramblings! Very unclear... going nowhere in particular... but VERY consistently through the process SOMETHING begins to crystallize for me! Again, I don't try to get it ALL cleaned up and dusted off...I just want to see taste get my hands on it.

4. Pray it up!
This is my either verbal or written response to God.. interaction with God about what is crystallizing. It could be giving thanks for what He showed me...or praising Him for what I now see about Him...or confessing my shortfall in not living what I now see...or asking for greater clarity on it...or asking for it to become a reality in my life.

5. Pass it on!
Much sweetness here, as I take that morsel and share it with my brothers and sisters. It is amazing how often it multiplies in the process as they interact with what they heard, adding their thoughts and asking clarifying questions regarding yours.

6. Live it out!
The Word of God comes to life when we apply it to our lives. Application releases the power that transforms your life and holds with it God's promised blessing on those who do!

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Thank you for all the Spiritual encouragement. It gives me the extra strength and hope...reminders to get me going throughout each day.

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