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Today's Reflections from time in God's Word

As we encourage and challenge each other to spend time in God's word everyday, we invite you to share some of your daily reflections with us as we share some of our daily reflections with you!

Read some of the recent reflections.

A Note from Stan Parker

TODAY you could make the decision to begin a daily practice that would literally transform your life!

Imagine with me for a moment someone from a malnourished, 3rd world country, beginning to eat for the first time, three square meals a day.

Maybe not the first day, or the second or the third, but eventually, that single, yet physically profound, daily action will transform their lives!

My Bridge Family, many of us are living spiritually malnourished lives! And the sobering truth is, it has been by choice!

TODAY, we can make a DIFFERENT choice! We can decide to spend time daily, nourishing ourselves on the riches of God's Word!

Join us TODAY for the 2012 Challenge of spending time daily in God's Word!

We believe you can transform your tomorrow TODAY by spending daily time with God in His Word.

If you will commit yourself to spending time in the Bible every day for one month, you will begin to notice things changing inside.

If you’ll do it for three months, you’ll feel as if major places in your heart are coming back to life.

If you’ll stick to it for a year, you will have set in motion ongoing transformation of your life from the inside out.

And it all can begin TODAY!

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