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Anita from Lincoln shared, “When I was going through cancer, I would be crying but your music just inspired me knowing that He was in control. He was going to see me through this.”

Month after month, day after day during her 20-minute radiation treatments, Anita would ask the techs to put My Bridge Radio on so she could stay connected with God while she lay still for her treatment.

“I’m reminded every time I turn My Bridge Radio on of just how much Jesus loves me,” says Anita.

And through the music, Jesus gave her the strength she needed to endure… even in the darkest loneliness of waking up in pain at 3 am. “It would somehow give me some relief knowing that I was not alone in the middle of the night, crying because of the pain. There is no medicine that can give you the healing power like this music because it is the word of God,” Anita shared.

Praise to our compassionate God for being near to the sick, the brokenhearted, the orphan, the widow, the lonely and using the music of My Bridge Radio to remind them of that truth…He is near!

Backpack Project

Throughout August, we invited the My Bridge Radio family to give the hope found in Jesus Christ to children in India through the purchase of backpacks.

We would like to thank everyone in the My Bridge Radio family who gave to this project, helping change the lives and possible eternities of 2,267 children in India.

We also want to thank our Impact Partners who make not only the Backpack Project but every other ministry opportunity like it possible! If you invest in My Bridge Radio, please know that you also matter to 2,267 children in India today. Thank you!


“I believed God existed, but I was missing a big piece. I just didn’t know what it was. A lot of things happened in my life and I was in prison for 9 months, in a cell by myself for 23 hours a day. I didn’t have any interaction with people…but I had a radio. 

I began to listen to My Bridge Radio, and as I listened, I began to connect with God through the music and the messages. I learned I could have an intimate relationship with Him! I used to doubt Christ and why He was never there for me. Now I know He was there through all of it. Now I have no more anxiety, no more depression. God has made my life into something beautiful!! 

I couldn’t have made it through prison without My Bridge Radio. And now the songs and messages inspire me to continue to move forward and never give up!” – Brett, Lincoln

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