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Grab and Go!

Are you with us for 2015 Together?
It’s as easy as “Grab & Go!”

Grab a friend and go for growth!

This month we are recommending the YouVersion Bible App as a wonderful tool to help you grab a friend(s) and go for growth in God’s Word! 

Within the Bible App, you can “Friend” a friend, which allows you to see each other’s highlighted verses and notes AND comment on them. You can “like” each other’s progress as daily reading completions show up on each other’s feeds, encouraging each other in spending daily time with God in His Word.  

We’ve put together step-by-step instructions to help you download the YouVersion Bible App and connect with a friend!

Join us in using the YouVersion Bible App to go for growth!

Here are some other ideas…

  • One Year Bible – Ask someone to read through the Bible with you this year. Use the One Year Bible plan to stay on track and to make sure you are each reading the same thing every day.
  • Pray – Invite someone to join you in prayer each week. Meet together for 20-60 minutes a week and pray about what’s important to each of you in your work, family, ministry, neighborhood, etc.
  • The Secret Things of God – Read a book together. We recommend “The Secret Things of God.” Noted author and psychologist Dr. Henry Cloud (Boundaries) explores applying biblical truths to real life,  unlocking spiritual realities that make life work: true joy, inner peace, sustaining hope and powerful purpose.