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Impact Stories

Impact Stories

Cindy in Kearney

Anyone else feel like they should be face down on the carpet when you hear Meredith Andrew's song "Who Is Like You"? Something about that song just touches my heart and humbles me to no end.

Darin in Haxtun

Thank you for your radio ministry. I am able to listen a couple of times a month as I pass through Nebraska.

Connie in Greeley

Your themes for the upcoming year are always appreciated! Thank you.

Grand Island listener

I love listening to the station, it helps encourage and inspire me everyday. It uplifts my spirits. Ever since I got here to Grand Island from the Philippines, I am so happy that there is a good Christian station I can listen to every day.

Ronda in Ogallala

Thank you for all the Spiritual encouragement. It gives me the extra strength and hope...reminders to get me going throughout each day.


I love your stories on the radio.  I love the music and stories that keep me grounded in the Glory of God, and when my 14 year old daughter sings along and now my husband even sings along.

Listener in Lincoln

I am new in my faith walk with Christ. I have struggled with consistency, though not doubting Jesus, maybe just doubting myself. Since finding this radio station, I listen to it daily, at work, in my car and at home. I find it encouraging and I've…

Heidi in McCook

About a year ago I gave myself a challenge to only listen to Christian music which led me My Bridge Radio. You made the challenge easy. I feel such a change in myself and its so great that instead of my children knowing mainstream music they get excited…

Benjamin in Axtell

I’ve been listening to you for years. I even wake up to your station on my alarm clock. Thank you so much for boldly proclaiming the Word of God everyday!

Phil in North Platte

I really enjoy listening to My Bridge Radio...moving, uplifting, and inspirational.

Emily in Lincoln

For nearly a year I've listened to the 30 Day Challenge discussion on the morning show and have felt like God was calling me to take that step... so, today, I'm going for it! I look forward to see what God will do and what I will learn.

Alan in the Philippines

Thank you for making me feel like home many miles away. It makes my day so much better and keeps me focused on my walk with Christ.

Linda in Sutton

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate My Bridge Radio broadcast coverage. My son lives in Wyoming so I have over 400 mile trip and it is so refreshing, relaxing and encouraging to be able to listen to Christian music for almost all of…

Rachel in Lincoln

I have been having some medical problems. Today after I left the doctor’s office after a test, the song Faithful God by Laura Story came on, reminding me that whatever the results are He is ALWAYS faithful.- Rachel, Lincoln

Kate in Danbury

I don't listen to any other radio station because nothing else uplifts you like this one. I've noticed a change in myself, from WANTING to know more about God, to my family telling me that they can see Jesus live through me. Now that is something…

Janelle in Aurora

Thanks so much for your ministry! You are a constant in my world and whenever I tune it, it directs me to God. I really appreciate your web page and links and how it unites this area together for the right purposes!

Listener in Benkelman

My Bridge Radio has made a huge impact on me. Whenever I become overwhelmed with grief or I feel alone and feel like no one is listening I turn on My Bridge Radio and I feel as if my struggles aren't as hard to bear. I love listening to the music…

Lizzy in Lincoln

I like to listen to MyBridge when I’m getting ready for school or church. Sometimes when I’m not feeling well God puts just the right song on to help me feel better.

Jeff in Kennesaw

I enjoy listening to your radio station so much as I go through my daily routine. It keeps God on my mind throughout the day. It helps me take advantage of the opportunities he gives me and helps me to make righteous decisions.


We travel from Ogallala to Omaha every other week to receive cancer treatments for my husband. We listen to My Bridge Radio all the way across the state and back.  The Christian music is a comfort and an inspiration for both of us.

Shelley in Lincoln

I want to make a change in my life and want to spend more time in God's Word. I believe this will help and encourage to do so.

Anne in New Hampshire

I lived in Nebraska for 5 years and recently moved back to my home state of New Hampshire. I really loved listening to My Bridge radio when I lived in Nebraska, usually when I drove to and from work. I just wanted to thank you for being available…

Teena in Phillipsburg

The message in the music you play reminds me everyday that I should never take a moment for granted.


I drive truck, I listen to MBR from one end of the state to the other, and sometimes out of state. It enriches my faith in Christ

Barbara in Henderson

Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ, your outreach to the lost and hurting, and your encouragement to the Body of Christ.

Amy in North Platte

My Bridge Radio has provided peace in my heart when I am feeling overwhelmed. I know that God is talking to me through the songs you play and the stories you tell. Thank you for the support you provide - not only to me, but to others throughout the…

Christopher in McCook

Thank you for your ministry. I recently renewed my commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ and I am thankful that I can listen to uplifting music every day.

Kaylee in Kearney

I was driving home, my mind weighed down with rent money and loneliness. Then I turned on MyBridge and God played my playlist. Only he could have chosen those songs, just for me. In that moment, I knew that he loves me and he wanted me to know it,…

Listener in Lincoln

Just want to thank you guys for all you do. I am so encouraged by My Bridge Radio! After getting saved last summer, I listen to your station all the time. God speaks to me through the music i hear. Very awesome! Thanks

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We travel from Ogallala to Omaha every other week to receive cancer treatments for my husband. We listen to My Bridge Radio all the way across the state and…

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